Souvenir d'un dragon de soie, for Sheng and Ensemble (10 min) 2019 pdf

Composition inspired by travels to the Far East (South-Korea, China and Vietnam)

E.C.Draw for Cornelius, a tribute to Cornelius Cardew, interactive online piece for 2 groups of musicians in 2 different locations (10 min) 2012 pdf

A graphical score, interactively generated in real time by a computer program, allowing musicians at two different locations to perform simultaneously over internet

Sinfonia 3 "Erinnerung", tribute to Luciano Berio and Ludwig von Beethoven, for String Quartet, Ensemble and Live Electronics (12 min) 2008 pdf

Composition inspired by the remembrance of an inspiration

Mancoras, in memoriam G. Ligeti, for 7 instruments (8 min. 30) 2007 pdf

Composition inspired by the San Marco fractal

Sinfonia 2 "A broken Consort", tribute to Monty Python, for Cello Solo, 6 instruments and Electronics (18 min) 2004 pdf

Composition combining the 17th century concept of an English consort with contemporary mixed media techniques.

Terje Medubis "Spiel-Uhr", per 15 strumenti (14 min) 1996

Composition inspired by the "Jeu de Timbres" and the 18th century "Music boxes"

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