Solo instruments


Regalo, for Piano (1 min 40) 2020 pdf

Composition in honor of professor André Laporte's 90th birthday

Tombeau de Copernicus, per Violoncello (6 min) 2020 pdf

Composition inspired by Copernicus' On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres (1453)

E-isme, per Organo (1 min 46) 2012 pdf

Composition in honor of professor André Laporte's 80th birthday

Iháku, per Glockenspiel (1 min 30) 2017 pdf

Composition based on a Haiku

Souvenir de l’ île de Koch, per Violoncello Solo (6 min 30) 2006 pdf

Composition inspired by fractals and a voyage to Iceland

Palindroom, for Piano (60 sec) 2003

Miniature composition based on a palindrome

Marabím, per Marimba (12 min) 2001 pdf

Composition inspired by the sound possibilities of combining different sticks

Bachatelle, per Pianoforte (68 sec) 2001

Composition inspired by Beethoven's Bagatellen and Bach's Musical Offering

Dorce I-IX, per Violino e/o Viola e/o Violoncello o per 2 Violini (6 min 30) 1999

Composition inspired by different ways strings are vibrating

Arabesque, per Pianoforte (6 min) 1998

Composition based on Art Nouveau like melodic ornamentations

Xedalvu, omaggio a Paul Delvaux, per Pianoforte (7 min) 1995

Composition inspired by Paul Delvaux' Le jardin Nocture (1942)

Faviolina, per Violino solo (6 min) 1991

Composition inspired by the words Favola (Italian for fairytale) and Violin

DaliRium, tentazione, per Pianoforte (5 min) 1990

Composition inspired by Salvador Dali's Temptation of St. Anthony

Heckelspel, per Flauto solo (7 min) 1989 rev. 1996

Composition inspired by classic satirical poems such as those by Aesopus or Reynard the Fox

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