Maitre Tsa, mini opera, for children between 5 and 14 (30 min) 2003 pdf

Composition on a text by Lydia Chagoll

Terje Medubis "Spiel-Uhr", per 15 strumenti (14 min) 1996

Composition inspired by the "Jeu de Timbres" and the 18th century "Music boxes"

Een pimpelpaarse wiebelfiets, for Children Choir, Piano, Stringcontroller, Woodwindcontroller and Keycontroller (4 min) 1996

Composition on a text by Marc De Bel

JoenRuni Lubrigtic, poema sinfonico (16 min) 1993 pdf

Composition for youth orchestra, inspired on the words Junioren, Luc and Birgit

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