Mancoras, in memoriam G. Ligeti, for 7 instruments (8 min. 30) 2007 pdf

Composition inspired by the San Marco fractal

Bonang "Spiel-Uhr", for Brass Quintett and Bells (14 min) 1997

Gamelan inspired composition with references to 18th century music boxes (Spiel-Uhr)

Terje Medubis "Spiel-Uhr", per 15 strumenti (14 min) 1996

Composition inspired by the "Jeu de Timbres" and the 18th century "Music boxes"

Antré "Entrada", per Corno, Tromba e Trombone (1 min 30) 1996

Aforistic tribute for the 65th birthday of professor André Laporte.

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