per Flauto dolce e Pianoforte

Track Record

  • First Performance: Leuven (March 14, 2006) by Gregoy d'Hoop, recorder and Ilona Sergant, piano

Disposition of the performers on stage


On each of the three positions there should be a stand (position 1 being the regular piano stand), used by both musicians. The positions on stage determine the instruments on which to play:

  • for the recorder: 1 alto, 2 basset, 3 sopranino
  • for the piano: 1 small clusters on the keys, 2 with the hands on the bass strings, 3 with the hands on the high strings

Notes for the performers

The piece consists of 2 * 16 separate pages. To start the performance, a volunteer from the public should be invited to distribute these 32 pages evenly among the 3 music stands, in random order. The piano player should start on a position of his choice, some 10 seconds later followed by the flutist, on another free position of his choice. When the page is finished, the player should take it away, move to another free stand, where he will find his next page, which he starts playing, and so on. The piece ends as soon as the first performer reaches a stand without pages: the other player finishes his page alone and the piece is over. Each page of the score is a graphical representation of 9 different (but undefined) pitches in time. They are read like 6 ‘staffsystems’ from top to bottom. Each staffsystem has 5 ‘bars’, each consisting of 3 ‘beats’. This rhythm should be carefully respected. Although the order of the pages (and hence the exact notes being played) is freely determined by the volunteer from the public, the way of performing them is strictly prescribed in the tables on the next pages. The page numbers refer to the order in which the performer meets the pages. The tempo unit refers to 2 blocks in the score (a ‘beat’), or the time between two dashed vertical lines. Since both musicians play their pages in different tempi, the resulting form looks somewhat like this:


The full vertical lines in this scheme indicate the position of the three main parts of the piece (Quasi recitativo scherzando – Arioso lirico – Maestoso).


Duration:ca 10 min

Performance materials

pdf Download the score