The purple cucumber a tribute



Compositions included


  1. We Could Have Called It Anything
  2. Peter Vermeersch: Melting Flesh
  3. Peter Vermeersch: Walking The Phone
  4. Peter Vermeersch: Blue Screen Boy
  5. Peter Vermeersch: End Of A Second
  6. Claude Coppens: A Modest Proposal
  7. George De Decker: Shut Up And Dye Your Shoes
  8. Frederik D'Haene: Seorci Der Mocciolo
  9. Peter Swinnen: The black Lark's Ballad
  10. Ward Weis: Purple Cucumber


The Purple Cucumber Was A Frank Zappa Tribute With Music By Peter Vermeersch, Claude Coppens, George De Decker, Frederik D'haene And Peter Swinnen. It Was Performed On 30 April 1995 In Desingel, Antwerp, By The Brtn Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted By Mark Foster. They Were Joined By The Zucchini Rocking Teenage Combo, A Rock Band Created For The Occasion Consisting Of Robert Martin (Leadsinger, Keyboards And Saxophone, Player In Zappaís Band From 1981 Till 1988), Bart Maris Trumpet), Danny De Cort (Guitar), Johan Vandendriessche (Saxophone), And Andy Jacobson (Keyboards), Andy Treacey (Drums) And Jake Newman (Bass) From The Band The Muffin Men.



Performers:Martin, Zucchini, BRTN Philharmonic Orchestra, Foster
Reference:Auditorium AUD 01003
Year of Publication:2003