Arapanja, for three harps (7 min) 2015 pdf

Composition exploring the spectral possiblilities of modern harps

Mancoras, in memoriam G. Ligeti, for 7 instruments (8 min. 30) 2007 pdf

Composition inspired by the San Marco fractal

Rinducele, per Flauto, Arpa e Trio a Corde (12 min 30) 1999

Composition inspired by the concept of includere (include)

Moordende Wals, per Soprano, Mezzo e 6 Strumenti (6 min) 1998

Composition inspired on texts by Lydia Chagoll and Jean Portante

SylXóa, per Flauto, Clarinetto, Arpa e Quintetto d'Archi (12 min) 1995

Composition inspired by the Bhutto theater

Sonetto I-VIII, per Violino/Viola/Violoncello/Contrabbasso e Pianoforte/Arpa (5 min 30) 1994

Composition inspired by Petrarca's sonnets

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