Moordende Wals, per Soprano, Mezzo e 6 Strumenti (6 min) 1998

Composition inspired on texts by Lydia Chagoll and Jean Portante

IdoVisu, per Oboe ed Orchestra (1 min 40) 1995 pdf

Composition inspired by Ovidius' Metamorphosen

Music for the BRTN TVTWEE-film Andres, (De Dans Ontsprongen), per Oboe, Violino, Viola e Violoncello 1992 pdf

Composition for a choreography by José Besprosvany

AroPura "hortus voluptatis per Quintetto a fiato di Legno" (10 min) 1992

Composition inspired by paintings by the 16th century surrealistic painter Hiëronymus Bosch.

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