String quartet


No clouds green, a silence..., per quartetto d'archi (8 min) 2014 pdf

Composition inspired on 5 haikus from 5 different poets

Nevrištec, per Quartetto d'Archi (11 min) 2006 pdf

Composition inspired by the gestural transformations caused by a font change

Geist, hab' Un-eft, per Quartetto d'Archi (15 min) 2005 pdf

Card game inspired by fugues by Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and Bartok.

Quantsi, per Quartetto d'Archi (13 min) 2004 pdf

Composition based on the words Quartet and Transit

A fairy Tale, per Voce e Quartetto d'Archi (13 min) 2002-2004 pdf

Composition inspired by Shakespeare's A midsummernights dream

Gogutos, per Quartetto d'Archi (1 min 40) 1998

Composition inspired by the Cocytus (in ancient Greek mythology the river of eternal lamentations)

La vieille dame et la fille nomade, Evocazione lirica (52 min) 1998 pdf

Composition on a text by Lydia Chagoll

IroMania, triologedia, per Quartetto d'Archi (8 min) 1990

Composition inspired by the concepts Irony and Mania

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