Moordende Wals, per Soprano, Mezzo e 6 Strumenti (6 min) 1998

Composition inspired on texts by Lydia Chagoll and Jean Portante

Sinfonia 1 "Le Journal intime", per Mezzo, Armonico a Manticino ed Orchestra (13 min) 1998 pdf

Double concerto based on a text by Jean Portante

La vieille dame et la fille nomade, Evocazione lirica (52 min) 1998 pdf

Composition on a text by Lydia Chagoll

Atlas, per Tenore, Viola, Fagotto, Marimba e Gravicembalo (14 min) 1994

Composition inspired by Gerard Mercator's Atlas, or a geographicke description of the world (Amsterdam 1636)

Prometeo, for Baryton, Male Choir, Woodwind Controller, 3 Keyboards, Tape and Live Electronics (15 min) 1994 pdf

Composition for a choreography by José Besprosvany

The Petrifying Blue, chamberopera, for Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor, Baryton, Bass-Baryton, Chamber-Choir and Orchestra (75 min) 1992 pdf

Composition based on a text by Hugo Segers

Mowgli, per Voce Meso e Pianoforte (15 min) 1990

Composition on text by Rudyard Kipling

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