Available as Video


Regalo, for Piano (1 min 40) 2020 pdf

Composition in honor of professor André Laporte's 90th birthday


Tombeau de Copernicus, per Violoncello (6 min) 2020 pdf

Composition inspired by Copernicus' On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres (1453)


Souvenir d'un dragon de soie, for Sheng and Ensemble (10 min) 2019 pdf

Composition inspired by travels to the Far East (South-Korea, China and Vietnam)


Sinfonia 5 "Metamorphosen", Sinfonia concertante, for Symphonic Wind Band (17 min) 2017 pdf

Composition inspired by the possibilities of genetic algorithms


No clouds green, a silence..., per quartetto d'archi (8 min) 2014 pdf

Composition inspired on 5 haikus from 5 different poets


Monagli, for Saxophone trio (7 min) 2012 pdf

Composition inspired by the sound of foghorns


Edokaste, for Cello and Piano (6 min 30) 2010 pdf

Composition inpired by a fragment from John Keat's Ode on a Grecian Urn


Ilachýam, per Violino, Clarinetto, Violoncello e Pianoforte (10 min 30) 2009 pdf

Composition inspired by the concepts of Alchimy


Iháku, per Glockenspiel (1 min 30) 2017 pdf

Composition based on a Haiku


Mancoras, in memoriam G. Ligeti, for 7 instruments (8 min. 30) 2007 pdf

Composition inspired by the San Marco fractal


Dorce I-IX, per Violino e/o Viola e/o Violoncello o per 2 Violini (6 min 30) 1999

Composition inspired by different ways strings are vibrating


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