Sinfonia 5 "Metamorphosen", Sinfonia concertante, for Symphonic Wind Band (17 min) 2017 pdf

Composition inspired by the possibilities of genetic algorithms

La Chute de la maison Usher, music for the silent movie by Jean Epstein (1928), for full Orchestra (72 min) 2008 pdf

PhD repository of all documents concerning the research leading to the composition of a symphonic score for the silent movie La Chute de la maison Usher (Epstein, 1928)

Pas-de-deux, per Violino ed Orchestra (10 min) 2001 pdf

Concerto where the relation between soloist and orchestra is inspired by the pas-de-deux in choreography

Sinfonia 1 "Le Journal intime", per Mezzo, Armonico a Manticino ed Orchestra (13 min) 1998 pdf

Double concerto based on a text by Jean Portante

IdoVisu, per Oboe ed Orchestra (1 min 40) 1995 pdf

Composition inspired by Ovidius' Metamorphosen

The black Lark's Ballad, a tribute to Frank Zappa (12 min) 1995

Contribution to a Frank Zappa tribute concert by 5 composers

Riflessione, per Violoncello ed Orchestra (18 min) 1991 pdf

Composition inspired by the proces of an Aha-Erlebnis

FugaEneas, poema sinfonico (14 min) 1990 pdf

Composition inspired by Vergilius' Aeneis and Bach's Art of Fugue

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