Tombeau de Copernicus, per Violoncello (6 min) 2020 pdf

Composition inspired by Copernicus' On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres (1453)

No clouds green, a silence..., per quartetto d'archi (8 min) 2014 pdf

Composition inspired on 5 haikus from 5 different poets

Glaspana, per Quartetto di Violoncelli (6 min) 2013 pdf

Composition inspired by Renaissance polyphony

Edokaste, for Cello and Piano (6 min 30) 2010 pdf

Composition inpired by a fragment from John Keat's Ode on a Grecian Urn

Petisco, per Flauto / Flauto Basso, Clarinetto Basso, Violino, Violoncello e Pianoforte (1 min) 2010 pdf

Miniature composition as part of a Cadavre Exquis for the 25th anniversary of Miso Music Portugal

Ilachýam, per Violino, Clarinetto, Violoncello e Pianoforte (10 min 30) 2009 pdf

Composition inspired by the concepts of Alchimy

Sinfonia 3 "Erinnerung", tribute to Luciano Berio and Ludwig von Beethoven, for String Quartet, Ensemble and Live Electronics (12 min) 2008 pdf

Composition inspired by the remembrance of an inspiration

Mancoras, in memoriam G. Ligeti, for 7 instruments (8 min. 30) 2007 pdf

Composition inspired by the San Marco fractal

Ottarctra, per Violino, Violoncello e Pianoforte (12 min) 2007 pdf

Composition inspired by the mathematics of special attractors

Souvenir de l’ île de Koch, per Violoncello Solo (6 min 30) 2006 pdf

Composition inspired by fractals and a voyage to Iceland

Hodechtri, for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano, Percussion and Electronics (12 min) 2006 pdf

Composition based on a stochastically transormed German text about Dichte (i.e. density)

Nevrištec, per Quartetto d'Archi (11 min) 2006 pdf

Composition inspired by the gestural transformations caused by a font change

Geist, hab' Un-eft, per Quartetto d'Archi (15 min) 2005 pdf

Card game inspired by fugues by Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and Bartok.

Samoki "FarbenKlangSpiel", for string trio and beamer (20 min) 2005 pdf

Computer game inspired on the concept of a mosaic

Quantsi, per Quartetto d'Archi (13 min) 2004 pdf

Composition based on the words Quartet and Transit

Sinfonia 2 "A broken Consort", tribute to Monty Python, for Cello Solo, 6 instruments and Electronics (18 min) 2004 pdf

Composition combining the 17th century concept of an English consort with contemporary mixed media techniques.

A fairy Tale, per Voce e Quartetto d'Archi (13 min) 2002-2004 pdf

Composition inspired by Shakespeare's A midsummernights dream

Anemno, per Flauto, Clarinetto, Vibrafono, Chitarra, Violino e Violoncello (12 min) 2000

Composition for ensemble based on heterophony techniques.

Annotazione, per Viola e Violoncello (2 min) 2000

Miniature composition as part of an overview CD featuring 25 composers.

Dorce I-IX, per Violino e/o Viola e/o Violoncello o per 2 Violini (6 min 30) 1999

Composition inspired by different ways strings are vibrating

Rinducele, per Flauto, Arpa e Trio a Corde (12 min 30) 1999

Composition inspired by the concept of includere (include)

Vibrations, music for the film The voice of the violin by Lynx Productions S.A, for Violin and string orchestra (3 min 30) 1998 pdf

Composition for the film The voice of the violin by Lynx Productions S.A

Melopee I-IV, per Violino/Viola/Violoncello/Contrabbasso e Pianoforte (6 min) 1998

Composition inspired by the poem Melopee by Paul Van Ostayen

Gogutos, per Quartetto d'Archi (1 min 40) 1998

Composition inspired by the Cocytus (in ancient Greek mythology the river of eternal lamentations)

La vieille dame et la fille nomade, Evocazione lirica (52 min) 1998 pdf

Composition on a text by Lydia Chagoll

Terje Medubis "Spiel-Uhr", per 15 strumenti (14 min) 1996

Composition inspired by the "Jeu de Timbres" and the 18th century "Music boxes"

SylXóa, per Flauto, Clarinetto, Arpa e Quintetto d'Archi (12 min) 1995

Composition inspired by the Bhutto theater

Sonetto I-VIII, per Violino/Viola/Violoncello/Contrabbasso e Pianoforte/Arpa (5 min 30) 1994

Composition inspired by Petrarca's sonnets

Music for the BRTN TVTWEE-film Andres, (De Dans Ontsprongen), per Oboe, Violino, Viola e Violoncello 1992 pdf

Composition for a choreography by José Besprosvany

Riflessione, per Violoncello ed Orchestra (18 min) 1991 pdf

Composition inspired by the proces of an Aha-Erlebnis

IroMania, triologedia, per Quartetto d'Archi (8 min) 1990

Composition inspired by the concepts Irony and Mania

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